Do you make everything at Crixa Cakes?

Yes, everything is scratch-baked on-site. Scratch-baked means our cakes are made from flour, sugar, butter, oil, chocolate, or whatever basic ingredients they require – not from a package cake mix. It also means that we make all of our own doughs, like puff pastry, danish, strudel and pie doughs, rather than purchasing them ready-made.

Does Crixa use organic ingredients?

Crixa’s use of pure ingredients and slower hand-made processes isn’t new or trendy – it’s the way our better tasting baked goods have traditionally been produced. Crixa uses organic ingredients whenever they meet our quality standards and are not price-prohibitive.

How do I place an Advance Order?

We accept Advance Orders over the phone or in our bakery during our regular business hours.

For best selection, Advance Orders for items from our Advance Order Menu should be placed no later than 3 business days before your pickup date.

Advance Orders for weddings, large events, and items from our Special Order Menu should be placed no later than 5 business days before your pickup date.

We recommend placing your Advance Order early for best selection. Dates often get booked up.

We require prepayment on all Advance Orders. Prepayments are non-refundable for orders canceled within the 3 or 5 day production window.

Need a cake today? Please see our FAQ, I Have Not Placed An Advance Order And I Need A Cake Today. Can I Still Get One?

How Do I Request a Crixa Cakes Donation?

Please send us your request for a Crixa Cakes donation at least one month before your Not-for-Profit organization’s event. Please include your organization’s Tax-ID.
Crixa Cakes donations are in the form of $30 Crixa Gift Cards.
We will choose a limited number of Not-for-Profit organizations for donations each year.


What does Crixa mean?

Crixa is lapin for crossroads. Lapin is the language of the rabbits in Richard Adams‘ novel Watership Down. In the book Crixa is the center of Efrafa, the rabbit warren. It is located at the crossing point of two bridle paths.

In Berkeley, California, Crixa Cakes is at the crossroads of Adeline Street and Shattuck Avenue on the site of an old horse stable.