Gingerbread Santas


Gingerbread cookies with historical limited edition images of Saint Nicholas.
These cookies are made from an old, old recipe with lots of spice made toothsome with candied peel. Tender, mellow, and warm with ginger.

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Gingerbread cookie with image of Kris Kringle.
Kris Kringle is an alternative name for Santa Claus and is derived from the German Christkindl, meaning Christ child. In Germany, the Christkindl brings gifts on Christmas Eve.

In the United States, Kris Kringle (or Belsnickle from the German Pelz-nickle, meaning Furry Nicholas) appeared first in the 1820s among the Pennsylvania Dutch. Kris Kringle traveled Pennsylvania roads ringing his bell and looking for good children to give gifts of cakes and nuts to.


Gingerbread cookie with image of Saint Nicholas of Myra.
Nicholas was born in what is now Turkey in the third century. After his wealthy parents past away in an epidemic, Nicholas used his inheritance to help others. He eventually became the Bishop of Myra, caring for the poor, children, and sailors.

Saint Nicholas died on December 6 AD 343. This day became known as Saint Nicholas Day – celebrated in many parts of Europe with gifts and candies for children. Saint Nicholas is best known as the patron of children.


Gingerbread cookie with image of Victorian Santa. Victorian era version of Saint Nicholas made popular in Major Henry Livingston Jr’s 1822 poem, Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas.