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Bread Pudding


Actually ours isn’t made with bread. We use vanilla or chocolate sponge cake, soaked with pots de cremé batter (a super-rich egg custard). When baked, it produces a pudding that is sturdy enough to slice, firm to the touch, and yet, tender, moist, not too sweet, delightfully eggy and fragrant with Vanilla.

Available by the slice only in our café. Check Today’s Specials on-line for availability

Choc Nouveau

Choc Nouveau Cake

Two layers of vanilla sponge cake with fragrant vanilla soaking syrup and bittersweet chocolate mousse. Alcohol-free.

Slices and 6-inch cakes available in our café daily until sold out. 6-inch and 9-inch cakes also available by Advance Order.

6-inch cake serves 8-10 | 9-inch cake serves 10-20
$31 for a 6-inch cake | $61 for a 9-inch cake

Pave Vergiate


Flourless chocolate cake. Very moist and light with an intense chocolate flavor.

Slices, half quarter sheet, and quarter sheet cakes available in our café every day until sold out. Half quarter sheet and quarter sheet cakes also available by Advance Order. Also available as an inscribed cake.

half 9-inch by 12-inch cake serves 4-8 | 9-inch by 12-inch (quarter sheet) cake serves 8-16
$22 for a half quarter sheet cake | $44 for a quarter sheet cake

Walnut Slice


Walnuts and golden raisins flavored with lemon and vanilla in flaky butter pastry.

Available in our café every Saturday until sold out.